Blowfish is free-spirited and youthful, from our quirky aquatic name and logo, through our vibrant packaging and with bold coloured labels and matching tops. We embody energy and freedom.

Take the seriousness out of wine is our essence. Spontaneous and unconventional, Blowfish encapsulates the true spirit of Australia. We aren’t looking to show off our new Rolex or boast about how amazing we are, we just want to take what life has to offer in fresh and fun ways. Always ready to have a good time and celebrate life with good wine!


Blowfish Cabernet Merlot

Grape Variety: 70% Cabernet, 30 % Merlot

ABV: 13% Vol

Color: Dark Ruby Red

Bouquet: Generous ripe blackcurrant and soft notes of cloves

Palate: Light to Medium bodied. Hints of juicy blackberries, robust taste of plum and a touch of spice. Full flavoured, smooth and a well rounded wine, soft tannins

Food Pairing: Grilled chicken, roast beef or lamb and aged cheese

Serving Temperature: 10-12°C

Blowfish Shiraz

Grape Variety: 100% Shiraz

ABV: 12.5% Vol

Color: Dark purple with red hue

Bouquet: Berries driven with licorice spice notes

Palate: Medium to full bodied flavor packed with delicious smoky berry, smooth tannins, oaky flavors and peppery notes

Food Pairing: Chips and salsa, roast game and BBQ meats

Serving Temperature: 10-12°C

Blowfish Chardonnay

Grape Variety: 100% Chardonnay

ABV: 12.5% Vol

Color: Pale yellow with golden hue

Bouquet: Passion fruit and ripe guava with a creamy note

Palate: Medium bodied. Light and summery with a delicious taste of juicy tropical fruits, hints of vanilla and a citrus lift.

Food Pairing: Fresh salads, light fish and poultry, cheeses and creamy desserts.

Serving Temperature: 10-12°C

Blowfish Rosé

Grape Variety: Colombard, Semillon, Shiraz

ABV: 11.5% Vol

Color: Incredibly light rose pink

Bouquet: A delicious and refreshing wine, with a crisp acidity and inviting tropical notes that is perfect on a sun-filled day.

Palate: A generous and simple palate of peach, gooseberry and watermelon brightened up by hints of citrus.

Food Pairing: Soft cheese, duck, salmon

Serving Temperature: 8°C

Blowfish Sauvignon Blanc

Grape Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

ABV: 13% Vol

Color: Straw yellow

Bouquet: Clean and fresh, leans more towards the tropical spectrum of aromas

Palate: Full flavoured and exhibits superb varietal intensity, a firm acid back bone, while finishing soft and sweet with a good length of flavour

Food Pairing: Seafood, chicken, green vegetables

Serving Temperature: 10-12°C


Take The Seriousness Out Of Wine
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