A set of twins, the 3rd generation of a winery nestled in the province of Barcelona, had a dream : make wine fun again by creating original and enjoyable wine concepts.

Artisans of Vermouth
El Bandarra was born in 2014 at the 100 year old Casa Berger winery. After decades of making vermouth in bulk for small neighborhood cellars, the Virgili brothers set out to bottle their own brand

A drink crafted with quality local wines and Mediterranean botanicals in the most refreshing way. El Bandarra sums up all the good things of Barcelona which is in turn its inspiration : The weather, the long days, the living and its exciting mix of tradition and modernity. A refreshing & smooth drink with a perfect bitter-sweet balance.

La Sueca
La Sueca is the return to nostalgia. A trip to the beginning of debauchery and democracy in Spain. The bottle takes us back to summer in a Benidorm campsite in the 70s, times of friends and to the first family vacations in crowded cars. It is the memory of those wonderful summers concentrated in a colorful, friendly bottle full of winks to the time of uncovering.


El Bandarra - Al Fresco

ABV: 14.5%

Nose: Notes of liquorice, fresh herbs and mint a bitter grapefruit, tropical fruits and citrus.

Palate & Finish:
Combining high quality Grenache Rosé wine with Meditteranean botanicals, its bittersweet flavour is especially noteworthy. Contains less sugar than vermouth and is much more refreshing, ideally served on ice with tonic or in a spritz.

El Bandarra - Red

ABV: 15% Vol

Nose: Clove, cinnamon, liquorice aromas, citrus notes and a delicate balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Palate & Finish: Xarel·lo and Macabeu macerated with 50 herb extracts such as clove, cinnamon and bitter orange. After fortifying the wine, it is given a touch of caramel and balanced in Solera oak barrels for two months.

El Bandarra - Rosé

ABV: 15%

Nose: Buckets of fresh and juicy summer fruit, notes of strawberries, raspberries and cherries, with a hint of vanilla balanced by a delicate acidity.

Palate & Finish:
Softly pink, this expression is made with organic and locally-grown Rosé Grenache grapes, macerated red fruit and fresh herbs such as rosemary and thyme with 30% less sugar than the other varieties, so it's super light.

El Bandarra - White

ABV: 15%

Nose: Vanilla, mint and citrus, fresh grapes and a bittersweet touch.

Palate & Finish:
EL Bandarra's white vermouth is made from 50% Garnacha Blanca and 50% Xarel·lo grapes from Catalunya, macerated with over 40 herbal extracts and botanicals such as vanilla and wormwood. It is a given sweet touch with must nectar and balanced in a tank for two months.


La Sueca - Sangria

ABV: 11%

Nose: Clean and bright with aromas of cinnamon, orange, peach and red fruits.  

Palate & Finish:
A fresh and fruity Spanish sangria wine, macerated with natural extracts of orange juice, lemon, cinnamon, peach, apricot, lime and other red fruits for several weeks. Pleasant, sweet and intensely fruity on the palate.

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