Onikishi derives its name from the Japanese words “Oni” meaning Demon and “Kishi” meaning Knight, which we also combine with our Japanese/Chinese name “鬼侍” which translates as Guǐ shì (Gway-Shee) in Putonghua and can also be referred to as Oni Samurai in Japanese.

Japan is a land known for his technological marvels yet its deeply rooted cultural heritage and behind this are centuries of mysticism and epic tales of lore. Onikishi is the demon knight bound to our whisky, imbuing it with its strength and vigor, its mystical charm and encapsulating the country’s deep traditions in its newest spirit, capturing the enduring essence of Japan.

For those late to the fray, Japanese whisky has become a beacon of perfection in a world steeped in mystery. Taking the amber nectar from dark smoky rooms to a culture known for immaculate execution, infinite hospitality and ground-breaking innovation.

Hailing from the mythic birthplace of Japan, we once again see the evolution of a new spirit, both in liquid and spirituous form with the Demon Knight - Onikishi, presenting a whisky to be savoured and treasured. On a journey of self-discovery, Onikishi knowingly enters savage lands, beset on all sides by perils yet eager to protect its secrets to share with those who would break from tradition just enough to let themselves experience something extraordinary.

Onikishi charts a path through the tapestry of Japan, an eternal spirit that will evolve through the ages, always pioneering while keeping deeply rooted in its traditions, defending the honour of the noble liquid and keeping alive The Enduring Essence of Japan.


Onikishi Japanese Whisky

ABV: 43% Vol

Neat - A woody body from American white oak nuanced by honey tones give way to a heathery and myrtle floral scent touched by citrus

On Ice - Chilling mutes the woody scents and accentuated the citrus myrtle flavour and brings forward a touch of vanilla

Neat - An immediate rush of honey and vanilla gives way to a more robust caramel that coats the mouth and makes way through the mid palate to a warmer cedar smoke

On Ice - Citrus Flavour integrated into the creamy feel of caramel with a subtle undertone of cedar

Neat - A refreshing kick of yuzu zest contrasts the opening sweetness to end as it begins on a woody note

On Ice - The mid palate carries through to the finish ending with just a touch of warmth

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